Pine School October 2018 Newsletter

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5 - Pine –vs- St. Mary’s (teacher will notify students of the where game will take place) 12:30-12:45

9 - I.C Fire Prevention (k-2nd 1:15 p.m.)

11 – Picture Day

12 - Pine –vs- Seeley (away) 12:30-12:45

19 - End of the first Qtr.

19 - Pine –vs- Westmorland (teacher will notify students of the where game will take place) 12:30-12:45

22-26 Red Ribbon Week (22) Mixed Matched day (23) Crazy Hair Day (24) Pajama Day (25) Wear Red (26) Sports Day

22-26 - Parent/Teacher Conferences – Report Cards (12:30 dismissal all week)


K- Happy Birthday to: Charliann (10/8) & Alexa (10/23). Good job to our Accelerated Readers: Rhett, Joseph J. & Charliann. Thank you parents for your support, I really appreciate it!


1st – Top Accelerated Readers: Isabella Aguirre, Ashlyn Layton & Garnet Williams. Top Spellers: Matthew Abatti, Isabella Aguirre & Khloe Huyler. Math: Garnet Williams & Barrett Strahm.


2nd –Top Accelerated Math: Rhody Boston, Xander Cooper, Ava Copeland, Xela de la Cerda, Landon Godfrey, Jade Gutierrez, Daniel Iniguez, Kalvin Johnson, Aiden Lyerly, Evangelyn McBroom, Angelgabriel Montoya, Carter Nelson, Ella Rash, Mario Reveles, Aliah Saldana, Jonas Sanchez, Annika Strahm & Jazmyn Zamora.Top Accelerated Readers: Rhody Boston, Landon Godfrey, Kalvin Johnson, Aiden Lyerly, Evangelyn McBroom Carter Nelson, Ella Rash, Aliah Saldana, Annika Strahm & Jazmyn Zamora. Thank you to all the parents that have made donations to our class! They are greatly appreciated! Student of the Month: Aliah Saldana


3rd - Top A.R. students are Kolton Johnson, Drew Kellum, Ximena Lopez, Kolby Lyerly, Kate Claverie, Jason Smith, Lizbeth Predmore, Angel Razo, Ernest Strahm, and Abril Verdugo. Students need to earn 25 A.R. points to earn a certificate at the end of the quarter on October 19th. Students in the lead with their multiplication facts are Demi Mange, Caelynn Iten, Abril Verdugo, Jason Smith, and Ximena Lopez. These students are on their 5's. Amazing!!! Again, thank you so much for the Kleenex and Clorox wipes for our classroom. They are greatly appreciated. Thank you, parents for working with your children.


4th - Happy Birthday: Cesar 8/13, Kathleen 8/19, Sophia 8/25, Kayla 10/16, Austin 10/23 Top Accelerated Readers: Mila Heraz, Ellie Moiola, Adrian Norris, Kayla Ornelas, Kathleen Rash, Juan Rodriguez Top Think Through Math Students: Adrian Norris, Kayla Ornelas, Kathleen Rash Student of the Month: Emma Britschgi Parents and Grandparents: Thank you so much for your generous donations with auction prizes and classroom supplies.


5th Grade - Top Accelerated Readers: Aiyana Castro, Luke Chambers, Jacqueline Flores, Danika Lopez & Alize Quintana. Top Think Through Math: Bryce Denton, Isabella Kaufman, Jaqueline Flores, Alize Quintana & Ayden Avila. Student of the Month: Mia Leimgruber Thank you to the parents that have donated items to our class. It is greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Mrs. Moiola, for the items that you bought for our AR Store!

We are still collecting Box Tops.

School starts at 8:00 a.m. Please, try to be on time. 3 tardies = 1 recess

Parents: In order to avoid any misunderstandings, please remind your child/ren ahead of time if they are riding the bus/car home. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances do not allow us to relate the message to your child/ren.


Red Card consequences:

1 Warning, student sits out one recess or 10 minutes.

2 Student sits out two recesses or 20 minutes.

3 Student sits out three or recesses or 30 minutes, and parent contact.

4 Student sits out full days of recess. The counselor will make parent conference.

5 Student is referred to the principal. Any subsequent red cards are sent to the principal for disposition.

Any student in grades 5th – 8th that receives two red cards in a week or one office referral will not be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities for that week.

Favor llame al 760-356-2615 para español!