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Pine School is a K-8 school approximately 6 miles north of Holtville and serves approximately 225 students.

Pine School has transitioned to a technology-driven, one-to-one, cloud-based school. The entire Pine campus is wireless, where teachers, students, and visitors can go outside and use the technology outside when weather permits.

In addition to technology and all core content areas, Pine offers sports programs, an Exploring Agriculture CTE pathway, beginning band, and a creative arts program. Pine Elementary School continues to grow in all areas of instruction. Pine’s goal is to provide a rigorous curriculum aligned with state standards in order to raise student achievement. Pine School strives to enhance the academic, physical, and social emotional skills of each student through the various programs and teaching techniques used inside and outside of the classroom. Pine School staff is committed to the education of every child.

In October of 2022, Holtville Unified School District administered a parent survey and parents responded strongly that they feel their school is clean and well maintained. In addition, parents felt they had input, were able to communicate with staff, and were well informed. Pine School was given a rating of "Exemplary" on the Facility Inspection Tool.